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How it Works

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Dr. Austen Scheumann Explains Why the NUCCA Procedure is Unique

The Atlas is the top bone of the neck. It has the job of balancing the skull on top of the rest of the spine, as well as providing most of the movement for your head and neck.The Atlas misalignment causes the entire spine to misalign as a unit. How does this happen? When an injury occurs to the Atlas, it tears loose the ligaments and connective tissue that holds the skull balanced over the rest of the spine. The skull weighs roughly 10-15 pounds in the average adult. When an Atlas misalignment occurs the skull shifts off center.  In effort to keep the skull held upright, the rest of the spine misaligns to compensate for the shift in weight. When the entire spine misaligns in response to the Atlas shift, it does so in a certain pattern.  The neck sits off to the side, the shoulders become uneven, the body twists, the hips become uneven, the pelvis may shift to one side, the legs become uneven, and the body leans overall to one direction.  This pattern causes muscle imbalances, abnormal body movement, and a progressive degenerate condition.

Our main objective is to eliminate nerve interference due to the atlas subluxation complex, which could be the primary cause of your health concerns.The only method used to accomplish this is the NUCCA spinal correction of the atlas subluxation complex. A balanced spine gives your body an opportunity to enter into a healing cycle that alleviates pain and symptoms. This helps on a long term basis because the structure's position is corrected in reference to gravity, the force always acting on us. Recovery continues as long as the correction remains stable and optimal spinal balance is maintained. Our goal is to correct the issue in the least number of visits possible, then monitor the correction over a reasonable amount of time.  

Secondary Conditions Helped: 

  • Head & Neck pain

  • Headaches & Migraines 

  • Balance & Vertigo

  • TMJ Disorders

  • Degenerative Disc Issues

  • Concussions

  • Gait Abnormalities

  • Muscle Tension

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Back pain


Improvement of Body Systems:

  • Posture & Balance

  • Headaches & Migraines 

  • Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

  • Sleep & Mood

  • Cognition

  • Immune Function

  • Digestion

  • Respiration

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How Did I Get This Way

Accidents and injuries tear loose connective tissues that hold the spine together, creating weakness  and allowing the spine to break down and lock into a stressed position. You can still move and get around, but the stress is always there. These accidents and injuries can often be traced all the way back to childhood. Think back and you’ll probably come up with a few possibilities of your own.

The misaligned spine through the years has created a muscular imbalance, a locking of the vertebral joints and abnormal motion produced a progressive wear and tear on the spinal structures. The spinal misalignment eventually resulted in degeneration of your spine including problems with the discs and joints of your spine making it susceptible to injury.

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A Lasting Difference

Utilizing a very precise system of analysis developed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA), which is based on math and physics, Dr. Scheumann is able to calculate the precise reduction pathway or vector. This vector, unique to the patient, produces a corrective force necessary to gently bring the head, neck, and entire spine back into alignment with no “twisting” or “popping” of the neck. In fact, most patients don’t even feel the adjustment. As the correction is achieved the entire body is brought back into balance and stress on nerves from the body to the brain are relieved. 


The upper cervical misalignment is the most complex and difficult region of the spine to align, but when correction is achieved the results can be simply amazing. Patients notice changes throughout their entire body as normal alignment and posture is restored. It takes a tremendous amount of training to deliver a quality NUCCA correction but hurting people need and deserve the best care possible and that’s why Dr. Scheumann has dedicated his life to the mastery of this procedure.

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